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Nearby Activities - Heritage Sites
Alongside the giant baobabs and the ocean, you will find what is known today as The Ruins of an Old Mosque in Kilifi. The ruins are a quiet and scenic spot consisting of the mosques and a group of graves overlooking the creek and just a short distance from the resort itself.

Gede is one of Kenya's great unknown treasures, a wonderful lost city lying in the depths of the great Arabuko Sokoke Forest. It is also a place of great mystery, an archaeological puzzle that continues to create debate among historians. Gede remains a mysterious and impressive place to visit. The pillars and stone walls, ruined mosques and tombs now lie among the trees. The stone floors are thick with leaves, and giant shrews scurry through the deserted houses. Wandering through Gede is an ideal way to spend a morning or afternoon, lost among the secrets of the past.

Exploring Mida Creek is a must for anyone looking for excitement. Be amazed by the incredible birdlife of Mida Creek on a kayak tour through one of the many branches of the rich mangrove forests. Come close to the local flamingo population on the sandbars of the lagoon, or see if you can spot any of the various migrant birds that are spending the European winter in Watamu.

For another great experience, visit The Large House of the Slave", known as Jumba la Mtwana in Swahili. Within this area four mosques, a tomb and four houses have survived in recognizable condition. These houses include the House of the Cylinder, The House of the Kitchen, The House of the Many Pools, which had three phases, and the Great Mosque. As you gaze at the ocean washing over the beach, you can't help but wonder, what really happened here