At Mnarani, you are more than just a guest; you are a friend of Kenya. For this reason, we are always hard at work to ensure that your stay with us is fun-filled and memorable.

We make every effort to ensure that we offer fun activities that cater to all ages; the variety means that there is always something that appeals to everyone.

For sunshine and solitude, take a walk down to the private beach and soak up your own little slice of paradise. Alternatively, enjoy our stunning infinity swimming pool; an invitation to relax and let your thoughts be swept away with the waves of the Indian Ocean.

If Kenyan adventure is what you are after, ask one of our friendly and helpful staff members about the excursions that we offer. The colourful Mnarani village, home to most of our staff, is a safe walk away and will give you a taste of Kenyan culture. Just a short trip further is the charming town of Kilifi – the 'Portofino' of the Kenyan coast. Friends are encouraged to experience our culture while appreciating and respecting our unique customs.

Mnarani Activities
Mnarani Activities
Mnarani Activities

Wine & Dine

Enjoy delicious food, with a touch of Kenyan influence. Our famous cuisine is an expansive culinary celebration complimented by the amazing atmosphere and wonderful staff.

Restaurant & Dining

Mnarani’s restaurant serves a unique A La Carte menu, with a carefully selected assortment if mouth-watering starters, mains and desserts. Be sure to pack your appetite for the scrumptious meals served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our Menus are loaded with an impressive variety of choice foods that offer only the finest dining; guaranteed to satisfy any hunger.

The chefs pride themselves on the excellence of the culinary delights they prepare; only the freshest ingredients are used and ensuring that everything looks beautiful is a top priority. In addition to our own Mnarani-grown organic veggies and herbs, produce arrives daily from nearby Kilifi farms and delicious seafood is supplied by local fishermen. We believe that part of our unique custom here at Mnarani Club, is informality. But dining at Mnarani is such a special experience that we recommend dressing up a little for dinner; smart shorts or trousers, collared shirts, skirts, dresses and shoes or sandals.

Main Bar

The main bar forms part of the open-plan dining and lounge area; and serves house wines, beers, spirits, cocktails and mocktails. This festive bar commands stunning views of the infinity pool, creek and ocean.

Beach Bar

With the waters-edge so close, you can almost tip your toe in the ocean; the beach bar is an informal, fun location to relax with a drink and enjoy good company, a little music, the passing sailboats of the creek and, best of all, the wonderful island-like vibe of Mnarani.

Romantic Add-Ons

The Mnarani Romantic Add-Ons are an excellent way to make your next stay extra special. Whether you are planning a surprise proposal, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, or simply want to spoil that special person in your life, these ‘little extras’ are the perfect way to ignite the romance. Click here to view our Romantic Add-ons.

Mnarani Wine & Dine
Mnarani Wine & Dine
Mnarani Wine & Dine

Onsite Activities

Mnarani offers a wonderful variety of sports and leisure activities. Ranging from indoor activities like table tennis, coconut bowling, a pool table and our pamper-rich beauty spa right through to our beach and water sports activities. Mnarani caters for everyone and every mood.

Water Sports

Kilifi Creek offers a beautiful and safe environment for our guests to try their hand at our exciting water sport activities; dinghy sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, kayaking and more. We have partnered with 3° South Watersports to offer you only the best experience and equipment, together with professional instruction.

Beach & Infinity Pool

For sunshine and solitude, take a walk down to the private Mnarani beach and soak up your own little piece of paradise. Alternatively, enjoy our stunning infinity pool; an invitation to relax and let your thoughts be swept away by the waves of the Indian Ocean or challenge your holiday clan to a game of water volleyball or polo.

Traditional Dhow Experience

Guests have the opportunity to book a dhow trip with the famous Captain Issa. Guests are collected from our jetty in the morning and taken out onto the ocean on a traditional dhow, where you get to snorkel among the beautiful reefs. You can also opt for a beach lunch, prepared by the famous Captain Issa! Lunch usually consists of coconut rice, pineapple, fresh fish and crayfish. We assist in packing guests' drinks and snacks and we provide towels to take along. Guests usually return in the afternoon.

Sunset Cruise

Your sunset cruise experience kicks off straight from our jetty. Guests are taken on a slow cruise up the creek, from about 3pm in the afternoon. The cruise leads into a big opening where guests find mangrove trees and several bird species returning for the night. Drinks and snacks are optional.

Add a massage and go on the ultimate Sunset Cruise. Indulge in a Neck and Head Massage or a Foot and Leg Massage and simply unwind as you head off into the sunset.

You can also opt for a creek safari, where kayaks and canoes are taken along and guests get to paddle through the tropical mangroves. You can expect to return to the hotel just after dark.


Mnarani is constantly revising and updating the entertainment program. Each month sees a new, jam-packed calendar of events, carefully planned for your enjoyment. Every effort is made to ensure that activities cater to all ages; the variety means that there is always something that appeals to everyone.

Land Activities

Can you beat the course record? Mnarani's crazy golf will keep you and the kids entertained for hours. Alternatively, try your hand at a game of table tennis or pool; or spend some relaxed, quality time with loved ones while you enjoy our variety of board games.

If you are a bird-lover, be sure to bring your binoculars along! We have a small forest on the grounds and there's another forest only 1 km from Mnarani. If that doesn't have you excited yet, there's also the Arabuko Sokoke Forest nearby. Avid bird-watchers come miles just to see the endangered Sokoke scops-owl, found most abundantly in the Arabuko Sokoke Forest.

If you like tenpin bowling, you will love coconut bowling! It truly is a unique experience and the off-round quirky coconut shapes makes for challenging fun.

Body & Mind

We offer Yoga Classes every Wednesday morning.

Engage your body and your mind. Water aerobics is one of the most famous activities at Mnarani. Our entertainment team creates enormous excitement and gathers all the participants in the main pool at around 11:30 in the mornings. Lively music is played as everyone has a fun-filled workout, led by the team.

You might also enjoy our Swahili classes (the official language of Kenya as well as 3 other African countries) or alternatively explore the ajabu (amazing) small forest on the grounds, by foot or by bicycle.

The Mnarani Beauty Spa will leave you feeling spoilt, pampered and revitalized; the perfect accompaniment to fun-filled laughter on the beach.

Mnarani Onsite Activities
Mnarani Onsite Activities
Mnarani Onsite Activities

3 Degrees South Water Sport

Mnarani Club is situated on Kilifi Creek, where the waters run warm and multi-hued from green to turquoise and blue. It is the perfect location for water sports with the water temperature averaging around 25°C for most of the year.

We have partnered with 3 Degrees South; an exceptional onsite sailing centre ready to offer guests expert tuition by qualified internationally recognized instructors. 3 Degrees South is an official Royal Yachting Association Training Centre and offers a range of onsite water sport activities including; dinghy sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing and wakeboarding. RYA accredited courses are offered in both dinghy sailing and windsurfing. 3 Degrees South is the only RYA Training Centre for dinghies and windsurfing in Africa. The team use laser dinghies, Tushingham and Starboard windsurf equipment. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, they will get you out onto the water and having an absolute blast.

You might also enjoy dingy sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing or wakeboarding.


Three Degrees South firmly believes that there are few things in life better than sailing the waters of Kilifi Creek. A range of boats are available for all levels of sailors, from beginner to advanced, from monohull to multi, from single sail to spinnakers.


The sheltered beaches provide an ideal base for beginners to rest between practicing on the water. The wide expanses of the Bowl and the creek mouth give more advanced boarders long reaches and stronger breezes in which to get going. So whether you're a beginner or beyond, the creek has something to offer.

Water-skiing & Wakeboarding

Try your skills at water-skiing and wakeboarding in a safe, fun, accessible and exciting environment. The quiet, flat waters of Kilifi are less tiring to ride on and you will have some of the longest and most exciting tows you've ever had.

Scuba Diving

Experience Mnarani from the bottom up! Explore the underwater world, filled with secret treasures. Mnarani has, after all, been dubbed the Maldives of Kenya. With astonishing coral reefs and tropical aquatic life, these waters are home to some of Africa's most important and awe-inspiring marine ecosystems. There are deep sites, caves and even ship wrecks to explore, making it a must-see for any diving enthusiast or underwater photographer

3 Degrees Scuba will be closed from mid April to Mid September due to the monsoon season. During this season there might be courses and creek dives available, dependent on the creek water quality. Please contact 3 Degrees Scuba directly for enquiries.

For Scuba Diving enquiries, please contact or visit

Mnarani 3° South Water Sport
Mnarani 3° South Water Sport
Mnarani 3° South Water Sport

Scuba Diving

Experience Mnarani from the bottom up! Explore the underwater world, filled with secret treasures. Mnarani has, after all, been dubbed the Maldives of Kenya. With astonishing coral reefs and tropical aquatic life, these waters are home to some of Africa's most important and awe-inspiring marine ecosystems. There are deep sites, caves and even ship wrecks to explore, making it a must-see for any diving enthusiast or underwater photographer.

The dive centre at Mnarani is operated by Aqua Ventures (PADI) in partnership with 3 Degrees South. We have easy access to all the outer reefs and also boast the only House Reef in Kenya. Kilifi offers a selection of dive sites to suit all preferences from wrecks and muck dives to beautiful reefs. In addition to some really good diving Aqua Ventures provides a range of courses from a Discover Scuba Diving course through to a Rescue course.

Our in-creek offerings provide the opportunity to dive straight from the Mnarani beach into both the House Reef and our underwater playground site. This is ideal for beginners wanting to test the waters and for children aged 10-12, who are limited to 10 meter dives.

Discover these underwater treasures…

Mnarani dive site: On top of all the amazing species of exotic fish and sea life found in abundance around this piece of heaven, a flying gurnard has recently been spotted here!

The Mpv Fish Eagle: She is a 53m multi-purpose vessel that was originally built in Germany. Before this artificial reef was sunk, it was prepared and cleaned to remove all toxins that could be harmful to the environment. The reef has been prepped for diver safety and this new dive site is one of Aqua Ventures's most exciting dive sites.

Swahili Deep: This site resembles a cutting in the sandy bottom from 18 to 26 meters. Along this wall you can spot Napoleon Wrasse, potato groupers and large shoals of blue triggerfish, five lined snappers and surgeonfish.

Vuma Cliffs is good for divers of all levels in flat, calm sea but only experienced divers in heavier weather.

Vuma Caves: North of big rock there are many overhangs and shallow caves concentrated in one area. Here you can find loads of different colourful aquatic forms of life as well as the odd Jenkins Whipray. Maximum depth 20m.

Big Rock: An area situated at the point of the cliff head with some very large boulder shaped coral heads massed below and above water. As it is a meeting point of currents there are many shoals of fish to be found here; leopard sweetlips, blue lined snappers, soldier fish and mangrove snappers. Kuhl's stingrays, also known as blue spotted stingrays, can also be spotted on the sandy bottom. Maximum depth 20m.

Canyon Ndogo: Ndogo means little in Swahili and the site got its name because of a vertical cleft in the ledge. There is also an overhang with two chimneys, which are excellent for panoramic photos. On the upper part of the wall there are often napoleon wrasse and a huge shoal of big eye trevally. If you are lucky you might spot a giant grouper. Maximum depth 20m.

The Grotto: A series of large overhangs with some large brown marbled groupers. This is a fantastic site panoramic photos. Maximum depth 20m.

Want to test the water first? These sites are great for beginners and ideal for children!

The Creek: This macro paradise is a breeding ground for many species of fish. You will see large shoals of silversides and trevally being hunted by barracudas. There are also nudibranchs, shrimps, juvenile lionfish, pipefish, ghost pipefish and leaf fish who enjoy this location just as much as our divers. The creek is also a fantastic location for qualified divers with both reef dives and night diving options.

The Black Marlin and Baobab is ideal for diving at any time and for all levels of divers. Several species of groupers, chocolate dips, crocodile fish, anemonefish, six stripe soapfish, dart goby, angelfish, butterfly fish, wrasse, moray and many other exotic fish species can be found here. There are also green turtle and hawksbill turtle.

Please note that the Dive Centre does not operate year-round, and operates when diving conditions are ideal. Please confirm with the Resort whether the dive centre will operate at the time of your visit.

Mnarani Scuba Diving
Mnarani Scuba Diving
Mnarani Scuba Diving

Nearby Activities

"Africa, the mysterious continent, beckons you with all its wildness and splendour, come with us and feel the rhythm of this land. Share in the beauty of its soul. Celebrate with us on a voyage of discovery and unlock the Africa of your wildest dreams." – Anonymous.

Arabuko Sukoke National Park & Forest

For all nature lovers, the Arabuko Sukoke Forest is a must visit! The forest contains three unique forest types; mixed forest, Brachystegia and Cynometra, each of which protects a different population of plants and animals. See if you can spot the golden-rumped elephant shrew or the elusive Ader's duiker. The National Park offers seasonal pools, tree platforms, the Nyari view point and nature trails.

Heritage Sites

Alongside the giant baobabs and the ocean, you will find what is known today as The Ruins of an Old Mosque in Kilifi. The ruins are a quiet and scenic spot consisting of the mosques and a group of graves overlooking the creek and just a short distance from the resort itself.

Gede is one of Kenya's great unknown treasures, a wonderful lost city lying in the depths of the great Arabuko Sokoke Forest. It is also a place of great mystery, an archaeological puzzle that continues to create debate among historians. Gede remains a mysterious and impressive place to visit. The pillars and stone walls, ruined mosques and tombs now lie among the trees. The stone floors are thick with leaves, and giant shrews scurry through the deserted houses. Wandering through Gede is an ideal way to spend a morning or afternoon, lost among the secrets of the past.

Exploring Mida Creek is a must for anyone looking for excitement. Be amazed by the incredible birdlife of Mida Creek on a kayak tour through one of the many branches of the rich mangrove forests. Come close to the local flamingo population on the sandbars of the lagoon, or see if you can spot any of the various migrant birds that are spending the European winter in Watamu.

For another great experience, visit The Large House of the Slave", known as Jumba la Mtwana in Swahili. Within this area four mosques, a tomb and four houses have survived in recognizable condition. These houses include the House of the Cylinder, The House of the Kitchen, The House of the Many Pools, which had three phases, and the Great Mosque. As you gaze at the ocean washing over the beach, you can't help but wonder, what really happened here.

Small Towns


The cultural and economic hub, Mombasa, is the second largest city in Kenya, after Nairobi. Tourists flock to Mombasa to enjoy the pristine beaches, the wrecks and reefs and the many water sports on offer. Children go crazy over Haller Park. Haller Park is in essence a petting zoo with bigger, wilder animals, including; giraffes, free roaming giant tortoises, oryx and hippos. Mom and dad are guaranteed to enjoy the experience just as much. The 4km long nature trail invites visitors to explore fascinating landscapes of empty quarries to lush forests, lakes, streams, palm grooves and indigenous tree plantations.

Bombolulu Workshop works with 100 disabled artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become contributing members of their communities. The jewellery, textiles, woodcarvings and leather crafts are exported to 18 countries and have received international acclaim for their unique African design and quality finish. Visitors learn about handcraft designs and can enjoy traditional cultural dances, explore authentic tribal homesteads and enjoy a meal at the open-air "Ziga" restaurant, serving traditional Swahili cuisine.

Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese in the 1500s to the design of Giovanni Battista Cairati to protect the port of Mombasa, is one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th century Portuguese military fortification and is a historical landmark for this type of construction. The Fort's layout and form reflect the Renaissance perception that perfect proportions and geometric harmony are to be found in the human body. The property covers an area of over 2ha, which includes the fort's moat and immediate surroundings.

Only recently opened to the public, the Mombasa Butterfly House is a live butterfly exhibition, which presents a paradise of tropical butterflies. You are invited to enjoy their natural environment and learn about biodiversity and the importance of butterflies to local communities. The open-style butterfly house features a butterfly flight cage and conservation exhibition.

Malindi Town

Malindi Marine National Park is one of the world's last abundant natural marine reserves. The marine park has exceptional fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mangroves, mudflats, turtles and various species of shorebirds. Glowing with coral gardens and packed with tropical fish, the parks provide a haven for divers, and a window to the wonders of the deep for snorkelers, swimmers and photographers alike.

Kilifi Town

Just a short trip from Mnarani is the charming town of Kilifi. Visitors are encouraged to experience the culture, while appreciating and respecting the locals' unique customs.

If Kenyan adventure is what you are after, ask one of our friendly staff members about the many excursions on offer. The colourful Mnarani village, home to most of the staff, is a safe walk away and will give you a taste of Kenyan culture.

Mnarani Nearby Activities
Mnarani Nearby Activities
Mnarani Nearby Activities
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