Packing for your Mnarani Vacation

Mnarani Packing List

Kenya is a popular destination for couples, families and friends throughout the year. Our tropical climate means that, even in winter, you will still be comfortable enough wearing summer clothing.

Our packing list is a handy guide for you to use before you embark on your next Kenyan adventure. Remember to always pack according to the activities you plan on enjoying.

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Packing List - Luggage

Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, you will know that having the right luggage is a necessity. The bags you choose to use for your next Kenyan vacation should be lightweight and versatile as you do not want to be lugging around heavy bags before, or even after, your relaxing Mnarani holiday.

Any Mnarani veteran would know that you do not need to pack much as you will most likely spend most of your time in a bathing suit. Mnarani is a tropical destination, after all.

When deciding on the perfect bag for your next vacation, you really only have two options – a wheeled case or a duffle bag.

Wheeled, Hardcover Case

These cases are often the preferred luggage type for international travellers as it is an excellent back-saver.

Duffel Bag

The duffel bag, also known as a gym bag, is lightweight and versatile. The soft sides allow it to fit in almost any space.


Packing List - Clothing

Similarly to your luggage choices, the clothing you choose to pack for your next Kenyan adventure, regardless of the season, should be light and breathable. During the rainy season, we would encourage you to pack a few warmer options – however, thermals are not necessary.

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It is important to take a closer look at the material of the clothing you are packing into your suitcase. There are fabrics which are ideal for the warm Kenyan weather – these should account for the majority of the items you pack.


Chambray, batiste or imitation denim, is a lightweight plain-weave cloth. While chambray might look like denim, it is lighter, woven differently and has a softer texture than denim.


Cotton is renowned for its breathability and versatility – it can easily transition from daytime to night-time looks.


Linen is another incredible fabric for tropical weather. The fabric is loosely woven and absorbs moisture, allows heat to escape, and dries quickly – therefore leaving you cool and dry.


Rayon is a blend of cotton and natural or synthetic fibres. Created as an affordable substitute for silk, Rayons’ thin fibres make it light and breathable.


Packing List - Toiletries

Any frequent traveller knows that to pack large toiletry bottles is a waste of money and space. More often than not, travelling abroad with these bottles is banned. While planning to visit Mnarani, it is best to use those tiny toiletry bottles often seen in stores. These little bottles hold enough product to last at least a week.

Remember, it is important to pack only the necessities and according to your planned activities. Packing heaps of makeup, hair or even body cleansing products is unnecessary if you are planning to spend your days enjoying our water sports or lazing about on the beach.

Our best advice would be to think hard about each item and how frequently you will use it before packing them into your toiletry bag.


Packing List - First Aid

For your health and safety, all first-time visitors to Kenya must receive their yellow fever immunization. This immunization is compulsory, and all visitors are required to present their Yellow Card when entering Kenya. Your Yellow Card will be valid for ten years, starting ten days after being vaccinated, so be sure to plan your vaccination in advance. Your GP or travel clinic may also advise you to take Malaria precautions before your trip.

Besides the above, your overall health is of utmost importance. So do not forget to pack those all-important prescriptions and any other medical items needed to keep you healthy with you explore beautiful Kenya.


Packing List - Technology

Technology plays a significant role in all of our lives (whether we choose to admit it or not). Our phones, laptops or tablets allow us to stay connected with family and friends. We can share stories, photos and videos of our adventures with family on the other side of the globe. Technology allows us to capture a moment, right now, so that we can look back on it in the years to come with fond memories. So be sure to pack your technology (and their chargers) into your luggage before you embark on your Kenyan adventure.


Packing List - Documents

Documents such as your Passport, Visa and Yellow Card are essential and should be easily accessible when travelling internationally – either in an easy to reach backpack or handbag. We would also suggest having a printed and verified copy of each as a safety precaution.

Packing List - Chat with Us

PS. Don’t forget to download our PDF packing list before you go.
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