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Kenyan Marine Conservation - Turtle Underwater

There is nothing more magnificent and tranquil than life beneath the ocean – the same is true about Kenya’s underwater paradise. Kenyan waters are abundant with vibrant aquatic life – which is why visitors to Kenya can find numerous Marine Parks along the coastline.  Spend a day at the Malindi Marine Park, Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, Mombasa Marine Park or even the Watamu Marine Park – all of which are within driving distance from Mnarani Beach Club. So pack your underwater camera and join us in exploring these beautiful, protected waters.

Malindi Marine Park

Kenyan Marine Conservation - Stingray

The Malindi Marine Park – established in 19876, is located south of Malindi town and near Mida creek. The park – which is surrounded by a national reserve, is roughly 66,4km north of Mnarani Club. The park forms part of a piece of coastal land which extends from the Vasco-da-Gama pillar to Watamu and neighbours the Gede ruins and Arabuko Sokoke forest. While visiting the Malindi Marine Park, you will have the chance to experience majestic resources such as; fringing reefs, mangroves, coral gardens, broad fish diversity as well as various marine mammals and far more. Kenya’s tropical temperatures make visiting this park an experience you can enjoy all year round.

Watamu Marine Park

Kenyan Marine Conservation- Whale Shark

The Watamu Marine Park is another one of Kenya’s gorgeous marine conservation areas. This marine park is only 58km north of Mnarani Club and is a well-protected area with a reef which is close to shore. The shallow coral gardens are ideal for snorkelers. Whale Sharks pass through between October and February yearly, with many visitors reporting sightings each day. Visitors to the park can watch whale pods breaching in deep water just beyond the reefs between June and September yearly. While diving in this remarkable location, you are likely to see the occasional White-Tip Reef Shark.

The threatened Green Sea Turtle lays its eggs on the Watamu Marine Park beach several times a year.  If you prefer to keep both feet firmly on dry land, more than 100 species of birdlife call the park’s cultivated gardens their home.

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Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park

Kenyan Marine Conservation - Starfish

The Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park is situated 11km off the coast of Shimoni, 8km north of the Tanzanian border and around 137km south of Mnarani Club. This park was created to preserve the picturesque islands and the habitats of a wide variety of endemic marine creatures and breeding migratory birds. Kisite is known to be one of the most worthwhile snorkelling destinations as a result of the 250 fish varieties, the resident dolphins, sea turtles, whales and well-developed coral gardens. The park and snorkelling are available throughout the year – however, the seas get rough between April and July during the rainy season.

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Kenyan Marine Conservation - Fish

The park and reserve at Mombasa Marine Park are the most highly visited among the marine protected areas in Kenya. This park is only 46,8km south of Mnarani Club and lies between the Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks. The park’s turquoise waters are excellent for windsurfing, water skiing, snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Visitors can hire boats, diving gear, and various equipment from one of the numerous local agents along the beach. If diving and exploring crystal clear waters interests you, then you should visit this marine park.

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