Wet Season? Dry Season? What’s the difference?

Kenyan Seasons - Sunshine Through Clouds
If you are interested in visiting Kenya, or more specifically – Mnarani Beach Club, you are likely trying to decide when would be the best time of year for your Kenyan adventure.  Our unique location, and the fact that the equator runs directly through Kenya, means that you can expect a tropical climate with typically warm temperatures. Regardless of the season. However, weather conditions do differ considerably throughout the country and from month to month.

Kenya does not experience the typical seasons as you may know them. Instead, we experience a wet and dry season with temperatures ranging from 22°C to 27°C to around 32°C to 39°C.

Monsoon season is a phrase you might find while doing research. But this is a very loose term. National Geographic describes a monsoon as a seasonal change in the direction of strong winds causing a wet and dry season throughout much of the tropics.

Please note: The weather in Kenya varies depending on where you are in the country. Therefore, this article is simply a guide intended for those wishing to visit Mnarani Beach Club.

Wet/Rainy Season

Wet Season - Rain over the Ocean
Mnarani experiences two wet seasons – long rains and short rains. Some say that the rainy season is when Kenya is at its most beautiful as the land comes alive with lush green nature. Photographers especially enjoy this season as the clouds bring a beautiful contrast to their photos – which doesn’t always happen when the sky is perfectly blue.

Long rains generally take place between May and July annually. The rains cool down the temperatures in the area to as low as 23°C. Which might not sound like much but, for locals, this is a tremendous drop in temperature. During this time, we experience a range of wet weather, from light rain to torrential downpours. Which last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. During this period, our Private Beach is still accessible. But the full range of water sports are not available as our water sports provider – 3 Degrees South – closes for three weeks during this time. Due to the rains and sea conditions, ocean dives through Aquaventures are paused but scuba diving training courses in the Creek and Pool are still available.

Short rains are usually between September and November annually, with temperatures generally reaching a high of around 27°C. These rains normally occur in the early mornings before10 am – whereafter, the skies clear up and guests can once again bask in the sunshine.

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Dry Season

Dry Season - Sunshine
Characterised by hot and rain-free months – the dry season generally begins in November and lasts until April the following year. It is possible to experience thundershowers during this season – however, they are most likely to take place at night. Temperatures typically vary between 32°C and 39°C – therefore, sunblock, hats and sunglasses are essentials when packing for your Kenyan vacation in this season. Fortunately, a cooling north-easterly ocean breeze blows over the creek and into the Resort. This season is the best time to experience the watersports and scuba diving on offer.

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Whichever season you choose to experience Kenya – we know that you will have the time of your life!

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