Why Kenya should be YOUR next holiday destination (Part 1)

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Kenya should be YOUR next destination

Kenya is a country filled with a host of epic surprises! From dream safaris and unique wildlife to awe-inspiring coastal, beachy destinations: Kenya has it all. It is one of the most developed countries in Africa and boasts a uniquely diverse culture. It is a country encapsulated in stunning landscapes, and her people are ever so hospitable and friendly. This East African country offers everything needed for an action-packed, fun-filled, adventurous, relaxing, and memorable holiday. There are innumerable reasons to choose Kenya as your next holiday destination, but here are our top picks:

1. Food in Kenya

Kenya should be YOUR next destinationOne cannot visit Kenya without trying a few of their mouth-watering delicacies; because of Kenya’s unique history, the food prepared throughout the country takes its influence from various cultures and traditions, obviously with each person’s unique flair. There is no single dish that can represent all of Kenya’s diverse cuisine. Staples include maize, millet and sorghum often eaten with tender meats and vegetables. Kenyan street food, as well as culinary tourism, is becoming increasingly popular.

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2. Beautiful Beaches

Kenya should be YOUR next destinationIn addition to safaris and wildlife, Kenya is also home to some of the most pristine beaches. What could be more enchanting than shimmering turquoise waters brushing against soft white sand? You can spend your days lazing about and soaking up the sunshine, or snorkelling, diving, kayaking and sailing on a dhow. Kenyan beaches are lined with protective coral reefs which makes these beaches ideal for swimming and other types of water sports. The true beauty of Kenya is that it is so easy to arrange a safari as well as a beach holiday all on one trip.

Here are our favourite beaches in Kenya as well as their distance from Mnarani.

  •  Mombasa Beach – 50.9km
  • Watamu Beach – 53km
  • Bridge Beach – 63km
  • Golden Beach – 62.9km
  • Silversands Beach – 63.4km
  • Tropical Beach – 63.9km
  • Casuarina Beach – 65.1km
  • Jacaranda Bay – 61.8km
  • Summer Beach – 3.6km
  • Seahorse Beach – 4.7km

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3. Rich Marine Life

Kenya should be YOUR next destinationKenya is well known for her turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Her waters are not only home to five of the seven known species of marine turtles, but also home to dugongs, whales, and dolphins. Places such as Watamu Marine National Park, Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park, as well as Mombasa Marine National Park have been established to protect the abundant marine life in Kenyan waters. Kenya is the perfect destination for people who enjoy activities such as underwater photography, diving, as well as snorkelling.

Marine Parks you should visit:

  • Malindi Marin Park
  • Watamu Marine Park
  • Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park
  • Mombasa Marine Park

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4. Ancient History

Kenya should be YOUR next destinationImmerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Kenya. From ancient forts to mysterious caves and town centres, Kenya truly is a gem for anyone interested in learning more about her past. Pop on over to the Mnarani Ruins (only 1.6km from the Resort) for an interesting afternoon or spend the day at the Shimoni Slave Caves to find out more about the slave trade in Kenya.

Discover more about Kenya’s incredible history:

  • Mnarani Ruins
  • Gedi Ruins in Malindi
  • Shimoni Slave Caves in Kwale
  • Fort Jesus
  • Mombasa Old Town
  • Paradise Lost in Limuru
  • Lamu Old Town
  • Koobi Fora
  • Takwa Ruins
  • Jumba La Mtwana

5. Migration

Kenya should be YOUR next destinationThe Great Migration, also known as the “Wildebeest Migration”, has been listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. More than two million wildebeest, along with gazelle and zebra stragglers, rush towards better grazing areas – making this the most unparalleled safari adventure in Africa. The trek is particularly hard, as more than 250,000 wildebeest who begin the journey will not make it to the end, as predators and other obstacles claim their lives. The Great Migration moves in a clockwise motion through the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya and back again, thus forming one big circle. The exact timing and course of the migration varies from year to year and is entirely dependent on the rains.

This was part one of two about why Kenya should be your next holiday destination.
You can read Part 2 by clicking HERE.

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