Making the most of your Kenyan Business Trip

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Make the Most of Kenya Business Trip
So, you are in the beautiful East African country called Kenya for an important business conference. Luckily for you, your conference is being held at the lovely Mnarani Club and Spa. With only a few hours to explore during breaks or at the end of the day, you find yourself wondering if you will ever have the opportunity to explore this fascinating country. Don’t fret! We have a few ideas on how you can make the most of your Kenyan business trip.

Get out and explore
Make the Most of Kenya Business Trip

Kenya is an incredible country filled with unique and interesting sites. For example, take a look at the Ruins of Gedi. Only 50 minutes from Mnarani Club, these ruins are buried deep within the dense Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and include mosques, a palace and numerous houses.

58km in the opposite direction is one of the best-preserved forts in Kenya, Fort Jesus. The fort was built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596 to protect the port of Mombasa. Fort Jesus was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 and currently houses a museum.

Only 23km from Fort Jesus and 41.8km from Mnarani Club are the ruins of Jumba la Mtwana. Recognised as a National Monument, there is evidence that this rural metropolis started around the 14th century. The ruins are scattered beneath a towering baobab forest and overlook a deserted beach.

Last, but not least, only 1.6km from Mnarani Club are the Mnarani Ruins. The ruins are all that remain of the two mosques and tombs located on a ridge overlooking the Kilifi Creek. Power your way up the 107 steps and enjoy a spectacular view. The Mnarani Ruins are a lovely spot for picnics and provide a way to connect with the past.

Make the Most of Kenya Business Trip
Kenya has a rich history and is a melting pot of diverse communities – Locals, Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and the British. Old Town Mombasa is no stranger to this fact, and its population has happily co-existed for many years. The historical buildings date from the 18th century and combine African, Arabic and European influences. Ornate doors and elegantly styled balconies decorate the exteriors of the buildings. Old Town Mombasa is 56.9km from Mnarani Club; take your time and walk along the narrow streets and browse the local goods, which range from antiques and souvenirs to spices and fragrance oils. Enjoy local cuisine at one of the many cafés that pepper the street.

Stay in and relaxMake the Most of Kenya Business Trip

Sitting in meetings all day can be stressful and all that focused attention often leads to neck and back muscular tension. Why not take advantage of the Urembo Spa while at Mnarani Club? Pop in and enjoy a quick 30-minute Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage. Or, if you have more time and would like to pamper yourself a little longer, spoil yourself with a 60-minute Reflexology Treatment, Deep Tissue Massage, or the ever-popular Hot Stone Massage.

Once those muscles are sorted, there are many other ways to relax while at Mnarani Club. Kick your shoes off and take a stroll down to the Beach Bar. Dip your toes in the refreshing water while sipping on something delicious. You can easily lose yourself in thought while watching the sailboats pass by.

Another great spot to relax and unwind is our stunning Infinity Pool. Located near the Main Bar, the Infinity Pool provides a relaxing atmosphere with incredible views of the ocean, all while being close enough to the Main Bar, where you can order speciality drinks.

Are you interested in a relaxing way to end off a day at Mnarani Club? Then look no further than the Sunset Cruise. Unwind during a slow cruise up the creek into the large opening where you will find mangrove trees and multiple bird species returning to roost for the night. Do you prefer being immersed in nature? Then opt for a Creek Safari. Paddle through the mangroves on a kayak or canoe while you take in the gorgeous surrounding views.

Water Sports and ActivitiesMake the Most of Kenya Business Trip

By teaming up with the 3 Degrees South as well as the Aqua Venture Teams, Mnarani Club offers multiple water-based activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving and wakeboarding. The 3 Degrees South and Aqua Venture Teams supply the equipment and professional instruction needed to provide our visitors with the best possible experiences. So slip out of that stuffy suit and into a wetsuit for some adventure!

Whether you are planning to visit Mnarani Club for Team Building or Conferencing or have planned a business trip to the area, our wonderful Team are always ready to make your experience one you will never forget.

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