Mnarani, the perfect destination for a Mini-Moon

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Mnarani Mini Moon Header Image

All of your plans are starting to fall into place as your big day draws closer. The excitement builds as you eagerly count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until you say “I do!” But something has slipped your mind.


Cue the Mini-Moon.

Mini Moon Heart Hands

So… What is a Mini-Moon?

A Mini-Moon is a bite-sized, itty-bitty, tiny getaway, spent together by a newly married couple a day (or a few) after the wedding. Think of a Mini-Moon as a long weekend of luxury, relaxation and pampering after the physical and mental pressure of the wedding. It allows you and your partner the opportunity to escape and unwind after the whirlwind that is planning a wedding. Mini-Moons are a great way to recharge your batteries and spend some much deserved, romantic, quality time together.

Mini Moon Picnic

Mnarani is the perfect destination for your Mini-Moon!

Surrounded by gorgeous white sandy beaches, shimmering turquoise blue waters, numerous land and water-based activities, you would have the option to keep busy or simply stay in bed all day listening to the sound of the rolling ocean with your person (and calling room service for something delicious).

Plan your Mini Moon

It’s time to start planning!

First thing first, you need a reservation and flights!

If you are travelling from South Africa we encourage you to contact ACT Travel – the official South African travel partner for Mnarani Club. You can contact ACT Travel by calling 012 941 8522 or emailing

If you are travelling from Kenya or internationally you can contact Mnarani Club directly by calling          (+254) 020 807 0501 or emailing Please keep in mind that you will be required to book your flights through your preferred travel agency or airline.

Mini-Moon: Romantic Wine on Beach

What can you get up to at Mnarani?

Mnarani has a wide variety of activities on offer; it is best to make a reservation before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

Wine and dine your loved one at one of the many Mnarani dining areas. All of our meals are prepared with love and a touch of Kenyan influence.

The Restaurant serves a unique A la Carte menu with a carefully selected assortment of mouth-watering starters, mains and desserts. You can also spoil your taste buds with our mouth-watering buffets served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Main Bar forms part of the open-plan dining and lounge area. The spectacular views of the infinity pool, creek and ocean make this the perfect spot to relax and sip on a glass of beautiful house wine, beer or even a cocktail alongside your newlywed.

The Beach Bar is a fun and informal location close to the water’s edge. Here you can relax and watch the passing sailboats while enjoying yummy snacks and an ice-cold drink.

Would you like to woo your partner with a private dinner under the stars next to rolling waves? Give us a call and we will organise a romantic dinner for the two of you.

Mini-Moon: Water activities at Mnarani

Feeling adventurous or looking to relax?

Surprise your partner with an underwater snorkelling adventure through Aqua Ventures or float above the water with activities such as sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing or wakeboarding through 3 Degrees South.

Recharge your batteries by indulging in a four hour, Mnarani Retreat which includes a facial, aromatherapy massage, basic manicure and pedicure. You can also use our Spa Treatment List to build your own package.

Remember that the whole point of a Mini-Moon is to relax, unwind and do something fun with your partner.

A few of the onsite facilities include a Traditional Dhow Experience where you can snorkel among beautiful reefs, a Sunset Cruise up the creek and Coconut Bowling. All onsite facilities are to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

Mini-Moon: Aders's Duiker

Take the time to Explore Kenya

Kenya is a gorgeous country filled with many Small Towns, Heritage Sites, National Parks and Forests. Kenya is the country to visit, whether you enjoy the ocean or enjoy learning about a country with a rich history.

Be sure to meander through the Arabuko Sukoke National Park and Forest where you could spot the golden-rumped elephant shrew or the ever-elusive, critically endangered Aders’s duiker. This National Park offers seasonal pools, tree platforms, the Nyari viewpoint and nature trails.

Couple mini-Mooning at Mnarani

Honeymoon vs. Mini-Moon

Honeymoons are not an either/or activity. If you have always dreamed of a honeymoon in Singapore but your budget says no, then a Mini-Moon is definitely what you need! Think of a Mini-Moon as a preview to your honeymoon. Enjoy a short, well-deserved break after your wedding and continue to save for your big honeymoon adventure further down the line.

We adore creating lasting memories for all of our guests, whatever the occasion.

PS. Don’t forget to contact us for more ideas on how we can make your next stay incredible.

Have you visited Mnarani recently and had an exceptionally noteworthy experience? We would love to hear from you! Share your experience with us on Facebook, TripAdvisor, via email or in the comments below.

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