Six Advantages of Having a Destination Wedding

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Take everything you know about destination weddings and chuck it out the window…

A destination wedding could just be everything you dreamed of, and more! If you haven’t considered it, here’s a few top advantages of destination weddings.

Advantages of Having a Destination Wedding

  1. Affordability

We bet you’re thinking that destination weddings are more expensive than traditional weddings – they always look so glamourous and filled with exciting activities. In reality though, a destination wedding can be a budget wedding and still be everything you dreamt of.

Your guest list will be much shorter and depending on whether or not you’re paying for guests’ transport, this could save you a pretty penny. Or two! You’ll also save by doubling up your wedding as your honeymoon destination, so your honeymoon flights for a close-to-home wedding becomes your wedding and honeymoon transport.

The focus isn’t on the décor. Whether you have crystal champagne glasses, or coconut cocktails, no one cares. It’s part of the destination experience and makes for a unique and memorable wedding. And be sure to use the destination’s natural setting as part of your décor to further save costs.

Destination Wedding - Affrodability

  1. Room for Creativity

Break the rules and have your wedding, your way. Toast with local beverages; substitute menu items for fresh seasonal local options; swap your princess dress with a beach-appropriate breath-taking number; ditch the heels; fake the cake; throw tradition out the door; the world is your oyster. It’s about the experience, but mostly, it’s about your special day and it should ultimately be about what you want.

Destination Wedding - Room for Creativity

  1. Grooms get More Involved

Typically, grooms aren’t always 100% involved in the planning of the wedding. For some reason, grooms tend to get more involved when it’s a destination wedding. Whether it’s planning excursions and exiting activities for guest, or finding a cool spot for the day-after brunch.

Destination Wedding - Grooms Get Involved

  1. Spend Quality Time With Each Guest

We especially love this perk. The coming together of two hearts is such a special occasion. A destination wedding is more intimate. Each guest is a VIP and each of those VIP’s have played a role in your fairy-tale and will continue to play a role in your marriage. They are your number one supporters, and have come a far way to bear witness to your union. Of course you want to spend some time with each VIP! At traditional weddings, the guest lists grows longer, and your time gets divided between all those guests on one night. Instead, spend quality time with your guests before the wedding, during the wedding, and afterwards. So many opportunities for cherished memories…

Destination Wedding - Quality Time With Guests

  1. Guest are Present and in the Moment

Far, far, away… This doesn’t only apply to the happy couple, but guests tend to leave all their everyday stresses and worries behind the second they board a plane. A bonus for your guests is that they get to enjoy a relaxing and memorable holiday. The bonus for you is having your guests present and completely in the moment. Stress, tiredness, anxiety – these are all things that you don’t want present on your special day.

Destination Wedding - Guests Present and In The Moment

  1. Higher Spirits = Higher Fun

Further to our previous point, the more energised and excited your guests are, the more fun you will all have. Imagine the shenanigans you’ll get up to! Make good use of that energy, and plan a few fun and unusual activities and keep a camera at the ready.

Destination Wedding - Higher Spirits Higher Fun

Of course, you’ll always have a special spot that is yours to cherish for anniversaries and many other celebration…

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