Mnarani’s Unique Location

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Is it by the Sea? Is it by the Creek? Is there a beach?
Are there waves?

Ever found yourself asking some of these questions? Yip, Mnarani has a truly unique location, combining the best of both worlds – creek and beach life. And sometimes this gets quite tricky to explain.

Soft white sands cover Mnarani’s Beach and occasionally, depending on the tides and seasonality, the beach can be covered almost entirely by water.  In fact, once a year the Beach Bar becomes flooded and the water even rises all the way up to the entrance of Three Degrees South Water Sports Centre! But on most days, the beach offers soft white sands, sheltered coves, and the perfect island-style vibe.

Visit the beach at different times of the day, and be sure to walk up the beach and creek when it’s low tide.

Can you see the rocky formations that were once reefs? Look carefully as you swim along the creek. There are some magnificent and very interestingly-shaped reefs and spots to be seen and to be dived.

Grab a snorkeling mask at Buccaneer Diving on your way down to the beach and go for a swim!

Step out onto the beach and look out over the multi-hued waters. The water that you see is a combination of fresh and salt water. Not being a fundi in this field, I had to go do some research. It turns out that Kilifi Creek resembles a lagoon but is most definitely not a lagoon. This is because the water is deep (which does help to provide the environment for a lovely dive site) and there isn’t a series of small islands to form a barrier.

When you go all the way up the creek and into “the bowl”, there’s a small little island that rare and beautiful birds from all over the world frequent.

So what about the Sea? The Indian Ocean enters and merges with the creek and the “sea-proper” is only a few hundred metres away – in fact, you can see the waves from Mnarani. The sea brings with it the salt water that the delicate mangrove ecosystem needs to survive and helps create the ideal environment for coral reefs and tropical fish to grow and populate the creek area.

The sea is just close enough and just far enough to be able to enjoy paddle-boarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing and other water sports activities on calm waters, with good winds. And if the waves are what you are after, they’re not far off.

All of these elements make Mnarani the ultimate destination! You can enjoy sea life on one hand, creek life on the other hand and then there’s the soft white sands beneath your feet; and all the natural wonders and unique creatures this brings.

If you could compare Mnarani’s location with any other, maybe Zanzibar or Mauritius, which destination would you compare it with and why?

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