Seven Facts That Haven’t Crossed Your Mind

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Seven Facts That Haven't Crossed Your Mind

 Mnarani, Kenya (and the whole wide world) is filled with extraordinary and amazing things! Most of them, we don’t even know about and others, we haven’t really given much thought. Here are some amazing facts sure to really get you pondering, and free your mind.

Why is the ocean blue? This has a lot to do with water’s capability to absorb different colours. At the red end of the colour spectrum, it’s much harder for the ocean to absorb the colours, leaving mostly blue. Closer to the shore, other factors such as particles in the water, waves, storms and the tides have a larger impact on the colours that the ocean absorbs, and that’s why the colour differs closer to the shore.

Nyama Choma is the national dish of Kenya, whereby beef or goat meat is chargrilled to perfection and served on Ugali (a type of maize porridge).

It’s always tea time in Kenya! Did you know, their tea drinking style (chai tea with sugar and milk) draws inspiration from both Britain and India?

Mangroves need fresh water from land to gain the nutrients necessary to grow and survive. Mangroves have been the topic of many ecological studies and studies have shown that it is possible to create an environment for mangroves to grow, by adding the nutrients it needs to survive to the right existing environment. Mangroves have the potential to greatly reduce the impact of tsunamis, and we are excited to see what ecological studies take place in this field in the future.

Frangipani flowers are edible and are the unofficial national flower of Kenya! Try adding some to your omelettes, sprinkle over rice for decoration or try replacing your onion rings with battered deep-fried frangipanis flowers.

The coolest holiday ever – Heroes Day! This day aims at collectively honouring those who impacted Kenya’s independence, or who played a major role post-independence.

Kenya comprises 40 different ethnic groups, each with their own form of language. The ethnic groups are categorised according to the Bantu (Arabic influenced Swahili language), Nilotic (includes languages like Turkana and Masaai) and Cushitic groups (mostly herdsman and Muslims).

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