My Kenya Holiday Guide

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My Kenya Holiday GuideIdeal Kenya Holiday Weather

Which means that any season is a good season for Mnarani.  We know that once you experience the spirit of this indescribable, magnificent place you will never want to leave. And we completely understand why, so we’ve come up with a handy guide that will help you to decide when, out of the 365 extraordinary days at this piece of heaven, would be the best time for you to visit.

January Must-Do!

Get comfortable on your beach lounger as you soak in the simmering sun, sand and sea.
Kenya experiences hot, dry conditions in the beginning of the year. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean along with the cool ocean breeze provide for fun-filled beach leisure. it’s no wonder that Mnarani is a tourism hotspot this time of year!

February Must-Do!

We recommend the famous Mnarani water aerobics to start the day.

Be sure to pack your bathing suit if you are planning to visit Mnarani in February. The weather is great this time of year, across Kenya. Also try wakeboarding or dinghy sailing on the warm waters of Mnarani and to top off all this adventure, a romantic beach dinner by night.

March Must-Do!

Treat yourself to a relaxing treatment at Mnarani’s beauty spa or try out Mnarani’s Swahili classes.

This time of year, Mnarani becomes a tropical paradise as the temperature reaches its peak and rain is welcomed by tourists. Rain comes in the form of late afternoon showers, for a good cool-down after exploring all day. Visit the ruins of Mnarani or an early morning walk, guided by Mnarani’s phenomenal entertainment team, and explore nearby Mnarani and Kilifi town.

April Must-Do!

Check out some of the nearby heritage sites.

April is hot and humid as the lovely rain season kicks off. If you consider sunshine to be pure happiness, you haven’t experienced rain in Africa yet! As your surroundings brighten up and fill with new life, there’s no reason to spend all day in your idyllic air-conditioned room. Alternatively, give our quirky coconut bowling a try!

May Must-Do!

Spot the endangered Scops-Owl, found predominantly in the nearby Arabuko Sokoke Forest & Nature Reserve.

May month at Mnarani is about as tropical as it gets! You can
expect warm weather and morning and afternoon rain showers. The phenomenal entertainment group at Mnarani are constantly revising and spicing up the entertainment programme, be sure to check it out.

June Must-Do!

Visit Kilifi’s local arts and crafts market or explore the lost city of Gede.

The refreshing ‘long rains’ will be missed. But, as the rains begin to dwindle, Kenya’s beaches become even more lovely and nature is left rejuvenated. Explore Mnarani’s on site small forest by foot or by bicycle, ride in a Matatu or three wheeled Tuk Tuk (Kenyan taxis).

Beautiful Kenya Beach Holiday Experience

July Must-Do!

Visit the nearby Haller Park, which is one of the largest animal sanctuaries in Mombasa.

An optimal time to visit Mnarani. July is dry, which means less foliage and great wildlife-spotting. Occasional thunderstorms bring relief to hot sunny days and are a beautiful sight to behold. Some of the animals that can be seen at Haller Park includes: giraffes, free roaming giant tortoises, oryx and hippos. Alternatively, take a leisurely walk along the seafront of Fort Jesus and visit the new Mombasa Butterfly House.

August Must-Do!

Dhow excursions are led by the famous Captain Issa.

As one of the coolest, driest months in Kenya, August is the perfect time to spend your days relaxing by the picturesque beach or out on the water. Dhow excursions are led by the famous Captain Issa; guests are collected from our jetty in the morning and taken out onto the ocean on a traditional dhow, where you get to snorkel among the beautiful reefs. You can also opt for a beach lunch prepared by Captain Issa, which usually consists of coconut rice, pineapple, fresh fish and crayfish.

September Must-Do!

Take a relaxing Mnarani sunset cruise or a creek safari, where kayaks and canoes are taken along on the cruise and guests get to paddle through the tropical mangroves.

Weather conditions remain dry, with warm summery days and slightly cooler evenings. Frangipani flowers begin to bloom in spring and tourists are lured by the striking appearance and aromatic fragrance of the beautiful Frangipani trees and flowers.

October Must-Do!

Visit the Malindi Marine National Park with its exceptional fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mudflats and turtles or one of Mnarani’s amazing dive sites.

At the coast it is sunny and fine most of the time, with hot days and occasional rain. Mnarani is well-known for its magnificent underworld playground. We’ve partnered with Buccaneer Diving, a 5 star PADI IDC Centre to also offer you unique dive sites such as The Vuma Caves and East Africas newest wreck dive, the MV Fish Eagle.

November Must-Do!

If you can manage to pull yourself away from the magnificent waters, treat yourself to a cocktail or mocktail at our festive, island-style beach bar.

Plenty of sunshine and occasional early morning or late afternoon bursts of rain. We highly recommend snorkelling the underwater world of Mnarani as diving conditions are the most ideal this time of year, following through to mid-December.

December Must-Do!

Be out on the water and on the beach as much as possible.

With all the water sports, diving activities and boat cruises on offer at Mnarani, there’s no reason not to be!

Locals regard December as the start of summer in Kenya. Temperatures rise and rainfall declines. Conditions are especially cool and pleasant during the early morning and at night. We have partnered with Three Degrees South and Buccaneer Diving to offer you only the best water sport equipment or diving equipment and professional assistance. Alternatively, you may even enjoy a traditional Kenyan Christmas, which entails a lot of dancing, carols, roast meat and decorations.

Bucket list beach experience

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