Where There’s A Whisk, There’s A Way…

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Whenever I think back to the idyllic days I spent at Mnarani, there is something in particular that really gets my taste buds excited… The yummy sweet treats and buffet desserts, of course!

The Desserts Buffet

From decadent chocolate creations to delightful sorbets; from interesting sweet combinations to refreshing fruit salads; from beautiful birthday cakes to weird and wonderful creations – the Mnarani Team really knows how to spoil their sweet-toothed fans.

Mnarani Desserts

I must confess, for me the weirdest dessert I had the opportunity to explore was a baked banana cheesecake. So good, but just so unusual. I am a die-hard cheesecake fan and just had to try it out, thankfully without any regret.

Mnarani Desserts

There is no shortage of originality and creativity at Mnarani as they are always boasting a variety of new creations that are both beautiful and absolutely delicious.

Mnarani Desserts

Happiness is knowing there is a Mnarani cake in the oven!

Mnarani Cake

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings – Mnarani does it all. If you’re looking to make your special occasion extra special, Mnarani is looking to make it happen.

Day visitors are welcome, so be sure to pop in for something sweet or come celebrate your special occasion in true Mnarani fashion.

Until next time, stay sweet!