Sew It Seams I Needle Little More Time to Unwind

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When you arrive at Mnarani, you feel that there’s just something special about this place. It’s in the air; it’s in soothing sounds of the creek, and the unstoppable smile on your face as you’re greeted with a friendly “Jambo” (that’s hello in case you were wondering). It’s overwhelming and sometimes difficult to pin-point where exactly this feeling comes from. You just feel great!


If you’ve ever been to Mnarani, you’ve probably read this well-known, yet unmistakably true phrase somewhere: “That certain “je ne sais quoi” that you feel the moment you walk through the doors, the unmistakable rhythm in your hips and the beat you find your feet following … That is the very heart of Mnarani, welcoming you to paradise.” For a logical thinker, this may seem completely irrational. And so today, this Blog post will attempt to capture a snippet of what makes Mnarani such a big, amazing bucket-list item and experience.

davidAmongst the many friendly and amazing staff, there is a man that stands out for truly encapsulating the essence, the spirit and the culture of Mnarani and its surroundings; and that man is Johanna Kusa . Johanna’s Mnarani journey started many, many years ago. But what makes Johanna special isn’t the amount of years he has been with the Resort but his exceptional sewing talent. If you make your way through the Resort you will see pops of bright colours just about everywhere. The pops of colour are intricately designed and sewn cushions – made by Johanna. His spectacular handiwork can be found from the Bar, the Restaurant, the Executive Conference Room, to the Urembo Spa! All spectacular masterpieces – all beautifully handcrafted with love and passion.

Encountering Johanna is a truly humbling experience. To see the pride, dedication and care he shows with each item he sews and produces, is just awe-inspiring. It is as if each item is a masterpiece, an artwork with his signature on it. And Johanna ensures that the seams are, well, seamless.

Besides the cushions, Johanna is responsible for a number of colourful and beautiful elements at Mnarani. The traditional tablecloths that are showcased at the beach barbeque, and linen, curtains, as well as some of the staff uniforms are all sewn and produced by him. And wow, his work is absolutely top-notch, first class and perfect. Don’t miss out on seeing his handiwork for yourself when you next visit Mnarani!

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It is always advisable to take the time to enjoy the finer things in life; the intricate details are often what make a good experience, a spectacular one. Part of what makes the Mnarani experience a spectacular one is focusing on the smaller details, like the fine workmanship of Johanna’s sewing.

What is your special Mnarani experience? Do you have a story to tell?


Want to hear some more interesting facts about Mnarani?

The words Did You Know in three dimensions
Did you know Mnarani has existed since the early 1900’s, which makes it extremely rich in culture and history?

Did you know Mnarani consists of 40 Acres of tropical paradise? That’s equivalent to about 640 tennis courts, which is almost as big as the Gede Ruins. These Ruins were a 14th Century town, as well as a nearby tourist attraction.