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Yesterday we received our wedding itinerary from Susan - well what a surprise it was. So beautifully laid out - perfect memento for the album. It's those little touches that make Mnarani the special place we keep going back to!"


It was really nice to be welcomed by such friendly people and they never hesitated to help where they can. The food was amazing and the rooms was very well looked after. Will definitely go back there to enjoy more of the adventures!"

Johmar K

The team right off the bat are always eager to serve, and help always. Rooms are really neat, facilities well maintained, and the food's great. The Entertainment varies with the day so anything can come your way!

Kimzi 7

Wonderful quiet location and very laid back relaxing holiday, but yet plenty of things to do if you want to join in - lovely infinity pool with views of fishermen coming in and out of the creek - enjoyed the sunset cruise too, loads of birdlife in and around the hotel - walks to the local village, forest and fishing areas


The inherent warmth and generosity of the local people adds a personal touch to the overall appeal of the resort, which is very special.


The resort is beautiful, clean, quiet, peaceful and safe. Beautiful scenery all around… Us being vegetarian they were very accommodating and variety of food was plenty. Rooms are spacious, clean, with nice white décor and a huge bathroom. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all... Recommend it for all!


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